Arts courses at Worcester make use of extensive specialist facilities.

The Institute and its courses draw on the full range of facilities available across the Ƶ. This includes a range of fully equipped teaching rooms, multiple social learning spaces, and the Hive library.

In addition to on site specialist facilities shown below, we also call on a range of spaces and environments off-campus in response to the needs of site-based work and projects.


The Art House

This newly renovated facility has created innovative and experimental home for the Arts in Worcester.

Inside The Art House you'll find a series of large open spaces that are continually transformed to meet the needs of our students.  Studios and workshops are created alongside intimate spaces for small group learning. This creates a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere that we believe is perfect for creative expression.

A stunning redevelopment of one of the city's best loved building - the glass fronted exterior is both a source of fantastic natural light and an area for continual public exhibition. 

Drama Studio

Drama Studio at the Ƶ of Worcester

Our purpose-built Drama Studio has all the facilities you need, whether as a performer or as a producer, from traditional theatre to more experimental performances.

The studio itself is a large, multi-purpose space with a full flexible rig seating more than 100 people. The rig can be assembled in any location in the space to suit performance needs and this flexibility allows students to explore a range of performance and staging styles.

The studio has its own Green Room, Dressing Rooms, Costume and Properties Stores and Scene Dock – all well stocked with resources for students. The surrounding Gallery houses production equipment and a Studio Technician is available to help with the technical side of things.

The Drama Studio is linked to the Ƶ of Worcester’s new Digital Arts Centre. This exciting development will effectively create a Digitised Performance Laboratory and will mean than students can extend the scope of their work to include live and recorded performances.

Students on the Drama & Performance course, as well as visiting professional companies, Student Union productions, the Ƶ of Worcester’s Musical Theatre Group and Drama Society, all use the versatile performance space extensively. The studio can be booked by anyone who wants to use it seven days a week.

Digital Arts Centre

The white I mac computers in the Digital Arts Centre at the Ƶ

Digital Arts Centre has been designed to give an impression of light and space, but not at the expense of working areas or flexibility. A large foyer and well-lit landing on the first floor allow exhibition and reception areas, so that students can exhibit their work within the Centre.

The sound recording studio, offering 360 square feet of performing space, is big enough to house a band for a music video, or a group of actors for a radio drama. Next door is the sound editing room of the same size. The academic and the technical team are housed in offices within the Centre and this allows ready access by students and visitors.

On both the ground and first floors are computer rooms that together offer over 1,700 square feet of space for digital graphic and web design, multimedia, video editing and both 2D and 3D animation.

The digital video studio is designed to professional broadcast specifications and provides 1,200 square feet of usable space. It has a high ceiling with a controllable lighting rig and a control room with talkback for multi-camera productions.

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