The School of Arts has an ambitious and lively research culture. We are a community of practice-led researchers, historians and theorists. Many staff members have significant experience of professional practice.


Research processes are fundamental to the work and development of our undergraduate and postgraduate students, whose teaching is enriched by the research activity and interests of doctoral and postdoctoral researchers, all of whom are also experienced and committed teachers.

Our academics regularly achieve national and international peer recognition for their contributions to knowledge, and we are committed to sharing the outcomes of their work publicly, and engaging in knowledge transfer, to the benefit of communities within our region. Much of our activity involves partnerships with colleagues based in other universities and with professional organisations and companies.

There is a range of beneficiaries of our research: professional artists/ illustrators/ designers; individuals and organisations in the subsidised arts and creative and cultural industries; the public; children and young people.

We seek to:

  • increase public exposure to, engagement with, and deeper understanding of the processes and practices of contemporary art, illustration, drama, performance, film and digital media
  • promote visual literacy/sophistication, and engagement of young people and children with visual art and design in support of creativity, articulacy, and visual/cultural engagement; promote social interaction, cultural pleasure and value of creativity
  • further public and professional critical debate surrounding the visual and live arts, drama, performance, and the role of the contemporary visual image
  • heighten individual engagement with political and social polemic, debates and issues through the arts
  • increase understanding of the potential of visual arts and design practices and outcomes to contribute to the planning and design of public spaces and attendant public consultation

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