A great choice

The accommodation at the Ƶ of Worcester offers great choice. Here are just a few of the many benefits.

A great choice 1
A great choice 2

“One of the best choices I made was getting a room in Halls. I love living right on campus - everything is really close by; not just my classes, but the great friends I’ve made too. Living with fellow students is one of the best parts of Worcester life for me.”

Sports student

Chestnut Halls

These Halls are brilliant options for keeping costs down. Located on St John's Campus, Chestnut Halls offer a total of 62 rooms.

Birch Halls

Located on St John's Campus, Birch Halls have a total of 34 flats, over three floors. Each flat contains four or six study bedrooms.

Elm Halls

There are 252 rooms available, spread across Elm Halls on our St John's campus.

Willow Halls

Located on St John's Campus the two Willow Halls each have six flats over three floors, with six or seven bedrooms per flat. Each room is en-suite.

Maple Halls

These high quality St John's campus halls consist of 182 en-suite rooms.

Cedar Halls

These high quality St John's campus halls consist of 177 en-suite rooms.

Oak Halls

Luxury en-suite rooms on the St John's campus.

Old Post Office

Off campus modern property, 5-minute walk from City Campus

“Living on campus, in such a safe, friendly and supportive environment, really helped me to learn how to live on my own, step by step. It was a nice transition from getting help from my parents for many things, to sorting everything out by myself.”

Business student

Your place. Guaranteed.

All eligible applicants who firmly accept an offer of a place and apply for accommodation by 6 June 2024, will be guaranteed a place in Ƶ managed accommodation for their first year of study.

Your place. Guaranteed. 1
Your place. Guaranteed. 2

Five reasons to live in halls


All day every day

All of our university-managed accommodation operates 24-hour security and emergency maintenance. Day or night, our friendly staff are here to help.

No bills

One less thing to worry about

There are no extra charges for gas, electricity or water usage - they're all covered by your accommodation costs.


39 week contract

Our typical contracts are only 39 weeks (unless your course is longer) compared to many private sector contracts of 52 weeks so you only pay for what you need.


Ease of access

All of our halls of residence are on our St John's or City campuses meaning that you're always in walking distance of the lecture theatre.



We offer a wide range of accommodation styles and price points, so you're guaranteed to find something to suit you.

"The fact that Halls of Residence were all within a very short walking distance of the Ƶ itself made a huge difference. I loved the fact that if I wanted to get up at 8.30am for my 9.15am lecture I could, and still grab breakfast on the way (not that I’d recommend doing that regularly of course!)"

Drama student

Campus life and more

Almost all of our halls of residence are on campus so you will be at the heart of student life with all of the benefits that brings.

Campus life and more 1
Campus life and more 2

Next steps

Applying for accommodation

You will be able to apply for accommodation at the Ƶ of Worcester once you have firmly accepted an offer of a place to study with us.

Once you have accepted Worcester as your firm choice, you'll be sent a student ID number and a secure link to complete your application form and select your accommodation preferences.

Get in touch

Our Accommodation Team are here to give you advice, help you apply and support you throughout your time at Ƶ, making sure you are happy and settled in your new home.

If you have any questions, please call 01905 855300 or email accommodationteam@worc.ac.uk

Discover even more

Hopefully this page has given you the key information you need to know about living in Halls at the Ƶ of Worcester.

But there's loads more to know, including information on car parking, private housing options and more details on how to apply in our Accommodation web pages.

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