We are delighted to be welcoming graduates and their guests for graduation ceremonies.

There are three main parts to your graduation day preparing for your ceremony , the ceremony itselfand the reception.


Two male students are taking photos of themselves during graduation

 Worcester Cathedral: This is where the Graduation ceremonies will take place.


There is no parking or drop off available at the Cathedral itself. If you are driving, you will need to park at a public pay and display car park.

The nearest car parks to the Severn Campus are The Ƶ Arena Car Park, , , , and . 

The nearest car parks to the Cathedral are , ,  and . 

If you need to be dropped off at the Cathedral, you are recommended to stop in the and make your way up Severn Street to the ‘North door’.


Before the Ceremony

Arrival at Severn Campus

You should aim to arrive at the Severn Campus about 2 hours before your ceremony. This will give you time to collect your gown, have your photograph taken and make your way to the Cathedral. Your guests can stay with you while you do this. 

There will be plenty of signage and staff on site to direct you.

Collecting your gown and tickets

The first thing you should do when you arrive is to collect your tickets and your academic gown and mortar board (cap). 

Staff will be ready to take your name and to give you your specially reserved gown. Your guests can stay with you while you do this.

Collecting your tickets

When you collect your gown, you will also collect tickets for you and your guests. Please keep your tickets with you, as you and your guests will need them at the Cathedral and to access the reception. 


Once you’ve got your gown on, it’s time for your official photography. Follow the signs to the photography studios, which are in the Elizabeth Garret Anderson Building. You should have booked your photography in advance, so you simply need to arrive at the studio. Your guests are also very welcome to join you for the photographs.

You can bring a small number of extra friends and family with you for the professional photography (even if they are not attending the ceremony). You will have the opportunity to buy your photos at the reception in the university of Worcester Arena.

You can find out more on the 

If you have chosen not to have photographs, you will be directed out of the building and can make your way directly to the Cathedral. The Cathedral does not allow indoor photography.

Facilities at the Severn Campus

The Severn Campus has toilets, including disabled toilets, which will be open throughout the day.

Staff will be available across the site, but if you need urgent help, please visit the Main Reception desk in the Ƶ Arena Building.  

Travel to the Cathedral (graduates and guests)

Once you have collected your gown and tickets and finished your photographs, it’s time to make your way to the Cathedral.

You will need to be at the Cathedral at least 30 minutes before your ceremony. This gives you time to get checked in and seated.  

If you need/prefer to drive, the link below indicates the nearest public pay and display car parks. There is no parking or drop off at the Cathedral itself.

Find out more at 

Guest seating at the Cathedral is on a first come, first served basis, so your guests will be able to choose where they sit.

Two graduates standing in front of the screens at Graduation

The Ceremony

The Cathedral provides a splendid setting for the ceremonies, but due to the nature of the building some seats may have restricted views of proceedings.

To overcome this difficulty, the Ƶ arranges for screens to be placed around the Cathedral.

Arrival at the Cathedral

You should arrive at the Cathedral at least half an hour before your ceremony.

When you arrive at the Cathedral, you will be directed to the ‘North door’. There will be staff outside the Cathedral to help direct you and answer questions.

There is no parking or drop off available at the Cathedral itself. If you are driving, you will need to park at a public pay and display car park. If you need to be dropped off, you are recommended to stop in the King Street Car Park and make your way up Severn Street to the ‘North door’.

Once you are in the Cathedral, in order to respect the wishes of the Dean and Chapter of Worcester Cathedral you are requested to remove your mortar board whilst inside the Cathedral.

Seating for Graduates

When you arrive at the Cathedral, staff will guide you in. All Graduates sit together.  You will sit in an assigned seat - this will be allocated and you’ll receive your seat number details prior to the ceremony. This ensures that you are called up to the platform at the right moment. Seating at the Cathedral is mainly fixed and mostly wooden chairs or pews.

Seating for Guests

When you arrive at the Cathedral, staff will guide your guests in. Your guests are able to choose their seats, which are available on a first-come, first-served basis. If you indicated a special requirement when you booked (i.e. a wheelchair space, for example), our staff will be expecting you and will be able to assist. Seating at the Cathedral is mainly fixed and mostly wooden chairs or pews

What happens during the ceremony?

During the ceremony, there will be speeches from Ƶ and Cathedral staff.

The highlight of the ceremony is the presentation of the graduates. A staff member will call you up from your seat at the right moment. When your name is read out, you will cross the stage and have a photograph taken. There is often lots of enthusiastic clapping!

You will need to access and exit the stage via a short ramp, so please remember this when choosing your footwear.

Once you have collected your certificate, staff members will direct you around the Cathedral and back to your seat. We plan to broadcast each ceremony via a live, online video stream, allowing friends and family who are not able to join to access this link from anywhere for free, including on a mobile device. This will be available to view on our website for two weeks after graduation week. All graduates attending the graduation ceremony will be filmed on stage as part of this live broadcast.

Photography in the Cathedral

You are not permitted to take photographs inside the Cathedral.

A professional photographer will take your photo when you cross the stage and you will be able to view and purchase this image, if you wish, through the 

You will be able to take your own photos when you return to the Severn Campus. 

Facilities at the Cathedral

There are , near the entrance to the Cathedral.  These will be well-signposted.

There is a hearing loop available during the ceremonies and staff will be able to advise you on this.

Find out more about the .

Leaving the Cathedral

When the ceremony concludes, there will be a short procession of staff from the stage, who will lead everyone out. Ushers will indicate when it is time for your row to stand and make your way out of the Cathedral.

When you leave the Cathedral, it’s very important that you continue to walk forward (i.e., not waiting by the doors) so that everyone can easily make their way out of the building.

You will have time to take photographs with fellow Graduates if you wish, but our staff will be encouraging everyone to begin their walk back to the Severn Campus as soon as possible.

The Reception

Reception timings

Depending on how quickly you return from the Cathedral, you should have about an hour at the reception.

Your schedule will indicate a departure time for you and your guests. As we are managing site numbers carefully you will need to leave the site at your appointed time, so we are ready to welcome the next ceremony. 

Do I have to attend the reception?

You do not have to attend your reception. You are very welcome to make your own plans following the ceremony, but it is essential that you promptly return your academic gown and cap to the Severn Campus. 

What’s happening at the reception?

The reception is a friendly, informal drinks reception, which will give you a chance to spend time with classmates and staff.

The reception also offers you the chance to take your own photographs in your cap and gown.

Returning your academic gown

Gown return is located at the Severn Campus and will be signposted.

Getting help on the day

Accessing assistance

If you need help on the day, look out for our many friendly staff and student ambassadors: most will either be wearing a blue student ambassador t-shirt, or a red academic gown, so they will be easy to spot!

If you have an emergency or require first-aid assistance, please report to the main reception desk at the Severn Campus. You can also telephone main reception on 01905 855 000.

Other ways to follow Graduation

Follow us on social media

You can follow us on social media throughout the week, where we will be posting lots of stories, pictures, interviews and updates every day. Follow us using #WorcGrad

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Staying in touch after Graduation

Be part of the Alumni association

The Alumni Association is here to help you keep in touch with the Ƶ and with each other – you’ll be part of a worldwide network with thousands of other former students.

As one of our graduates, we’d love to keep you informed about careers support, alumni benefits, our suite of events and exciting opportunities linked with the Ƶ that you may be interested in. We also want to hear your news! We can help you keep in touch with old friends too.

Whether through practical or advisory involvement, the support and interest of our graduates makes a real difference to the experience of current and future students.

Get in touch with us at alumni@worc.ac.uk or search for us on Facebook. 

Careers Advisory Service

The Ƶ’s Careers and Advisory Service is here to support you after graduation.

We offer graduates:

  • Advice & guidance
  • Job vacancies
  • CVs and application support
  • Mock interviews

Contact us at: careers@worc.ac.uk , 01905 855166 and find out more on our .

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