Taking a module with the Centre for Academic English and Skills will help you to improve the quality of your academic writing and speaking. You will learn how to express yourself clearly and appropriately in your assignments, using academic vocabulary and style. You will also develop a good understanding of how to paraphrase, synthesize and reference. Taken in the first or second year of your undergraduate degree, these modules provide a strong foundation for your future studies and career.

Academic Writing and Study Skills: LANG1002 & LANG1003

LANG1002 & LANG1003 are 15-credit modules that you can take in your first or second year of undergraduate study, if your main course of study allows you to select optional modules. The content of the two modules is similar, but LANG1002 is more suitable for native or advanced speakers of English and LANG1003 for international students with an upper-intermediate level of English.

Limited class sizes (with a maximum of 25 students) and approachable tutors ensure that there is plenty of opportunity for individual attention. You will develop your knowledge and skills through a wide variety of activities, working individually, in pairs or in groups.

What will you learn?

You will learn how to present your ideas effectively and appropriately in both spoken and written academic English. A high standard of English can help you achieve good grades and is a real asset in your future career. Areas that you will study include:

  • Constructing a coherent and cohesive written argument
  • Communicating fluently using a register and range of vocabulary suited to the task

  • Grammatical accuracy, phrasing and word order, vocabulary and punctuation
  • Summarising, paraphrasing, synthesizing and referencing
  • Critical thinking, effective time management and self-reflection

How will you be assessed?

Academic essay (60%):

A short essay demonstrating the main features of academic style and citation skills. Before the final submission date you will be able to submit a draft version of your essay for formative feedback.

Presentation (20%):

A 10-minute pair presentation followed by a short Q & A session.

Reflective Writing (20%)

A reflective analysis of the course and the assessments with a focus on the transferable skills that you have acquired and any impact on your future employability.