We are committed to supporting our student and staff population in their religious life and spiritual development. We respect and admire our diverse and multicultural community and offer support through our Student Networks, Chaplaincy programme and Multicultural Events. 


A friendly Sikh man is showing another man a book

The Ƶ's staff and student population represents around 8 different religions, beliefs and faiths. 

We provide support for all staff and students whether you are  member of a faith, or belong to no faith tradition, through our .

The  webpages include details of where to access designated multi-faith rooms at our St John's and City Campuses as well as information of how to access in the local area.



a man is looking at the camera smiling he is holding some Misbaha


Celebration of Faith at Worcester

As part of Interfaith week Firstpoint held a Marketplace where students could chat with members of various faith communities to learn more about their beliefs and strengthen good inter faith relations.

Our International Team and the Multicultural Group organise Religious celebrations including Diwali, Christmas, Eid and Onam to celebrate and educate staff and students about traditions and cultures and increase consideration between people of religious and non-religious beliefs.