During your time at university, we'll support you to feel safe. There are lots of services on campus for you to access during the Welcome Festival period and throughout your studies.


Safety during the Welcome Festival

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The Welcome Festival is a time to meet new people and adapt to your new life as a student. Remember to try and go out with other people, eat well, and always go out knowing how you are getting home. If you can, it's a good idea to charge your phone before you go out in the evening and take some emergency money out with you. If you're staying in, remember to lock your room and flat door at night.

Staying safe in Sports Clubs and Societies

Joining a Sports Club or Society is a fantastic way to make new friends and we encourage you to join one of the wide range of clubs and societies on offer.

We want everyone to be safe and feel included when participating in a club or society. Upon joining, you agree to abide by , which outlines the standards of behaviour and conduct expected of all members.

The Ƶ of Worcester and have a zero tolerance approach to any “initiation activities”, which are sometimes known as “hazing”.

Any student who is found to have organised or participated in any such event will be subject to the Ƶ’s .

Staying Safe

Registering with a GP

If you are living in student accommodation or moving into the area, it is important to register with a GP in Worcester You will be asked to fill in some forms and provide the surgery you chose with some contact information and a short medical history.

You can find detailed advice on our 

Security Team

Our Security Team are here to keep you safe 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They can help with multiple issues from locked-out students to first aid to reporting crimes. A full list of the roles of the security team is available on their 

Any questions can be emailed to Security@worc.ac.uk or you can call them on 01905 855000 or on 07977 973956

Callmy Alert app

The  is the Ƶ's official safety app for students.

Whether you're feeling uncomfortable in a situation, don't feel safe walking home or have fallen over in your halls, you can easily and immediately notify the Ƶ security team and PCSO's through the app. 

Use the code 'WR2 students' after downloading the app and registering.

Mental health services

Our Firstpoint Team are working to support you, every week, Monday to Friday, 9am - 4.30pm. If you feel you need targeted support for your mental health we offer initial STAR (Support, Triage, Advise, Referral) appointments and these can be booked through the Firstpoint desk.

You can find additional resources, including workshops, mindfulness advice and Student Minds on our dedicated 

Our Security Team are all trained in Mental Health First Aid. You can contact the Security Team directly on Security@worc.ac.uk or you can call on 01905 855000 or on 07977 973956.

Sexual Misconduct and Sexual Harassment

The Ƶ of Worcester offers a positive, supportive environment, giving our community the confidence to work, study, innovate and excel.

Sexual misconduct and sexual harassment refer to a broad range of behaviours – from the most severe forms of sexual violence to unwanted touching, stalking, abusive or degrading remarks.

We are committed to promoting a culture, including through our bystander intervention programme, in which any incidents of sexual harassment and sexual misconduct are not tolerated.

You can read more about this in our – including how to access support. 


Sexual health

We take sexual health seriously. Our Students’ Union offer a free condom delivery service, pregnancy advice service and the SH:24 service can assist with questions about contraception and STI testing. You can access their for more information.

The NHS Worcestershire Integrated Sexual Health Service offers friendly, non-judgemental, specialist services across Worcestershire. They can also discuss emergency contraception and guide you through local services and support. For more information you can check out their website.

Water safety

It’s always important to be mindful of water if you are running or walking by the river and canal in the city. You might be keeping fit, walking a dog, on a walk with friends, or returning home from a night out, whatever you are doing, please be aware of your surroundings, be extra vigilant and stay well clear of riverbank edges. have excellent advice for water safety in a variety of environments.

Drinking and Driving

We want everyone to have a positive experience during the Welcome Festival and to enjoy the activities we have on offer.

Safety is of the utmost importance – never drink and drive.

Drinking and driving is both socially irresponsible and carries .

If you are using a taxi, please only get into a pre-booked vehicle. 

Drink spiking

Drink spiking is a serious crime. You should never leave your drink unattended and keep an eye on your friends' drinks whenever possible. Our Students’ Union has some on what to watch out for and how to avoid getting your drink spiked. 

We're here for you

The most important thing to remember as a new student is that there is always someone to support you.

Contacting  is the first step to accessing a variety of non-judgemental services and the Students’ Union, Security Team and your Personal Academic Tutors are here for your wellbeing and guidance needs.



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