As an international student there are many good reasons for getting a UK bank account. It can give you easy access to money whenever you need it and make it easier to pay your fees. 

UK banks

The UK has a variety of bank providers, such as Barclays, HSBC and NatWest. They have physical branches across the country, along with ATMs to access quick banking features.

There are many banks in Worcester and St John's where you can open a FREE current account; if you are willing to pay a small premium each month you can opt for an International Student Account which may offer useful benefits. Be sure that you ask what benefits you are getting for your money.  

With the major bank providers in the UK, you'll be able to access international finances, including travellers cheques and international transfers.

Download the BBA leaflet, telling you everything you need to know about opening and using a bank account in the UK. 

To open your account you will need to show your passport or national identity card and take a bank letter which can be downloaded from your SOLE page on your student login. 

Opening an online bank account

There are a number of international and UK online bank accounts that you can open quickly and easily online or via an app. The accounts on offer vary but they will provide you with a bank card and account details that can be used within the UK. 
Listed below are a few examples of online bank accounts which are offered within the UK. Different bank accounts will offer different incentives, so it is advised to research which bank will suit your needs best. 


is an international online bank that allows you to transfer money quickly into 30+ currencies. 
You can set up an account in your home country via the app and the physical card will be sent to your home address. You can also a use virtual card in the app. 


is an online bank based in the UK offering a range of accounts. A physical card will be sent to your address, and while Monzo has online app, there may be a fee for the virtual card. 


bank is another online UK based bank offering a range of accounts including Euro and multi-currency accounts. Applying for an account takes 5-10 minutes and is completed online. 

Bank account types

When opening a bank account, you'll have the option of two types of account: 


Current account

A current account will provide you with instant access to your finances. This includes a variety of facilities to make financing easier, such as standing orders and a debit card. 

Deposit/savings account

A savings account means that interest rates will be added to your money, but you may not be able to withdraw your money within the same working day. It also does not provide the same facilities as a current account, such as direct debit. 

Closing your bank account

Once you have completed your course, you'll need to arrange with your bank to close your account. This will mean you will either transfer the remaining funds to your home bank or withdraw it as cash. It may be useful to set a reminder to do this about two weeks before finishing, to give banks enough time to successfully close your account.


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