We strive to value every individual and ensure the highest standards of academic achievement within our university community. At Worcester, we value the contributions of others and the diversity this encourages within our institution and support all students to behave respectfully towards each other. 


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Our Community at Worcester

We aim to create a culture of inclusivity within our community, providing a positive and fulfilling learning environment and challenging behaviour not supportive of our values. Our community webpages cover our policies and standards on many key issues including Race Equality, Disability, LGTBQ+ matters, Gender Equality and many more.

To improve the educational experience of all of our students we expect you to interact with other students and colleagues fairly and respectfully, accepting responsibility for your actions. All students and staff should show impartiality and value diversity across all disciplines, genders, and cultures. Remember that you are an ambassador for the university in your everyday life and we want everyone to be able to see your achievements!



Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion

We want you to be able to learn in an environment and culture that is truly inclusive, where staff and students have a sense of belonging, feel valued for who they are, and are supported to be the best they can be. We are committed to developing a culture in which individuals are given dignity, courtesy and respect, and unacceptable behaviour is identified and dealt with quickly, fairly and sensitively.

Our EDI policy statement offers information about our values and our staff and student networks.


Student Charter

If you need more information about behaviour on campus you can check out our or speak to your Personal Academic Tutor for further help.

You can talk to our Firstpoint Team, International Experience Team and for information about expectations within the UK, how to behave in clubs and societies, and any difficulties you are having with making friends or meeting new people.