Want to develop skills in sustainability and get professional accredited training?

Projects for students

There are a range of opportunities for students:

  • Have an idea and you want funds to make it happen?
  • Learn more about environmental issues and sustainable good practice
  • Work within a tangible framework to implement change, volunteering and paid opportunities
  • Professional support as you make changes
  • Recognition both within the university, locally and nationally for your efforts
  • Insight into what staff, the City Council, voluntary organisations and other universities and colleges are doing 
  • Develop communication skills with staff and students
  • The opportunity to support the Students' Union and the Ƶ’s sustainability agenda
  • Help teach on our carbon literacy training
  • Investigate Fairtrade, trade justice or ethical consumption issues on or off-campus

Contact K.boom@worc.ac.uk at any time in the academic year if you want to take part or have a project idea which needs funding. Our door and minds are always open to discuss innovative ideas. Funding is awarded twice a year November and February. Complete this form to apply.

Further information can be located on the .

Recent student projects

Student funded projects include:

  • Bird and Bat box distribution
  • Biodiversity mapping 
  • Designing a new Nature Trail
  • Podcast series, with original music
  • House plant give-aways

Students who want to help deliver this programme please get in touch with k.boom@worc.ac.uk where full training and support will be given. More targets and actions can be found on our Community Involvement web page.

How are we doing?

Student, staff and our communities’ experiences of sustainability at a university is a significant opportunity to support a cultural shift that we need for social and climate justice and to help us achieve our net zero targets by 2030. To help us measure, track and continually progress this vital aspect of the university we report on how well we are doing by using a variety of methods. See our Education and Learning page for more information and hear about student research projects. 

Get in touch

Katy Boom
Director of Sustainability
Email: k.boom@worc.ac.uk