Study well



When studying at university you are responsible for managing your time effectively, whilst maintaining your personal health and wellbeing.

A focused student studies at a computer

Choosing a good study space means taking into account the human factors of the equipment and surrounding environment.

You may like to work in a quiet area or prefer to have a bit of noise in the background. Just ensure there are minimal distractions and that the temperature and lighting are good for studying.  Where possible, ensure you have an appropriate table and chair to work on. Try to face your computer away from the window so that you do not experience glare on the screen which could cause eye strain and avoid placing your phone on the desk next to the computer. This will only cause distractions and an excuse to procrastinate.

Planning and managing your time

It is essential to plan your time effectively to avoid unneeded stress. This includes academic work such as assignments, lectures and research, as well as paid work, sports clubs and socialising. To begin with, you could divide assignments and revision into manageable chunks. Multiple small tasks are much less daunting than entire assignment and in planning a study timetable that is realistic, you will achieve your goals.

Take regular breaks. Working for 30mins – 1 hour and then taking a 5-10 min break can improve your attention.  Do not leave things to the last minute as this will only cause greater stress which in turn causes difficulty concentrating.

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Setting goals

Setting goals is an essential way to keep yourself motivated. They should be personal and realistic and could include an ultimate long term goal such as degree classification e.g. First Class.  Short-term ambitions could simply be to complete a section in an assignment or in achieving a certain grade. Either way, goals should be challenging to achieve a sense of achievement once completed. If you do not have goals you are unlikely to perform at the best of your ability. 

Exam time

During exam time it is important to use all the previously mentioned study tips above to ensure you perform at your optimum. Stress and anxiety to some degree are inevitable; however, here are a few further tips on how to study well during exam time:  

A diagram highlights top tips for assessments






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