Benefits of choosing an Apprenticeship as career development

For many, the Apprenticeship route isn’t an obvious choice. However for people who are eager to develop, whether embarking on your career or already in an established role within an organisation, Apprenticeships could be the way forward for you.

Here are our top 5 reasons why you should consider an Apprenticeship as a way to kick start your career:

1. Earn whilst you learn

Our first reason is probably the most obvious. Unlike other opportunities, you will be earning money at the same time as studying for your qualification. Just remember that as your experience grows, so will the amount of money you earn!

Plus no debt - your qualification is being funded by your employer and the UK Government's Apprenticeship Levy.

2. Relevant experience

You will learn from industry experts which will give you hands on experience from a relevant source. This means that in the future when you are looking to develop your career, you will have ‘real’ professional experience to guide you forward.

The modules in your Apprenticeship will provide you with the essential knowledge and behaviours; and the structured programme will coach you through the skills that you need to be successful.

3. Building contacts

In any industry, it is so important to build your contacts. Throughout your Apprenticeship you will meet many people within your business and externally that will help shape your career.

Making a great name for yourself and building business contacts will benefit you massively in the future so make sure that you are making the most of the opportunities.

Apprenticeships typically take between one and three years to complete, depending on the type of Apprenticeship and the level. In this time, you will make relationships and contacts with clients, colleagues, and managers.

4. Nationally recognised qualification

Working with local employers, the Ƶ of Worcester offers Higher and Degree Apprenticeship programmes and qualifications.  This means whilst you are getting work experience, you will also be gaining a nationally recognised qualification, along with a higher education award, which you can carry forward too many other pathways.

5. Guidance & support

We will ensure that you are well supported from the very start of your Apprenticeship. We will make sure that you (and your employer) are set up to successfully complete your Apprenticeship and throughout your learning programme provide you with any extra guidance that you may need.

From the very start of your apprenticeship, you will always have a point of contact to go to for any questions or queries you may have.

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