Work well


The Ƶ of Worcester is continuously exploring ways to help its employees improve and sustain good health and wellbeing whilst they are at work.

Office Workstation Ergonomics is an important aspect for ensuring health and wellbeing at work. Poorly designed workstations can cause both short and long term musculoskeletal problems. 

Workstation Ergonomics

 Check if your office space is set up correctly by following our workstation assessment guide            

Daily Routine

Simple changes to improve your health and wellbeing whilst at work might include walking or cycling between campuses. Lunch with a colleague would ensure that you take a break from your desk, as would be taking the opportunity to walk the university mile. The sharing of an office fruit bowl, meanwhile, could be a great way to maintain your 5 a day.

Details on mentoring, counselling and flexible working arrangements can be found on the of the website