The future of the planet is in the balance. Our negative impact on climate and the environment is now widely accepted by scientists and recognised by the public, but it is not always fully understood. 

In the global drive to reverse our impact on the environment, Research and Knowledge Exchange can offer solutions to some seemingly intractable problems and aid organisational and public understanding.


Sustainability is a major issue in agricultural production. How do we ensure food security in developing countries whilst protecting the environment? How do we limit the use of pesticides in crop protection without impacting profitability? This challenge extends beyond food systems into broader issues of sustainability and resilience within organisations and across the general population. How do we understand, limit and reverse the impact of climate change on the environment? How do we develop sustainable businesses and business processes to drive forward environmentally conscious policies whilst enabling business growth and maintaining profitability? How do we increase public understanding of climate change?

Meeting these challenges requires basic research, examining, for example, the genetics and molecular biology of plant-pathogen interactions. It requires applied Research and Knowledge Exchange that engages directly with farmers and leads to the development of on-the-ground strategies for conservation management. It also requires multi- and cross-disciplinary approaches that bring together plant scientists, ecologists, atmospheric scientists, geographers, psychologists, sociologists, business and management researchers and educators to address the overarching challenge of securing our own and the planet’s future.

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