Study support

At Worcester we support you in a number of ways throughout your studies, helping you achieve your potential.

Developing your study skills

By ‘study skills’, we mean the general skills you need to succeed as a student, for example: the ability to manage your time, communicate in writing and verbally and effectively use information technology. Our  offers advice on writing assignments, preparing for exams and presentations, managing your workload and much more.

Experience counts

These skills are not just acquired through study; all sorts of experience can be relevant here. For example, if your work, voluntary activity, or interests have led you to read widely and in depth, you will have developed useful skills for processing information. Similarly, any extended writing (reports, articles, diaries) helps develop communication skills.

Academic preparation

At the same time, there are particular academic requirements and conventions in higher education, and it is a good idea to find out how much reading, writing and public speaking might be involved in a course. Pre-university study routes, such as Access courses, or A-levels, are designed to help you to develop the relevant skills for higher education, as well as subject knowledge.

Who can I ask for help?

Ƶ students are ‘independent learners’. However, being independent does not mean being left on your own. You will have support from your tutors, your lecturers and from a whole host of support staff and services.

Firstpoint, based in the Peirson Study and Guidance Centre on the St John's Campus, is the first point of call for all student enquiries.

The following are some of the many people and services at The Ƶ of Worcester who can offer advice and support, helping you to make informed decisions:

For assistance with academic or general writing skills book a session with our Academic Writers in Residence.