UCAS tariff points


UCAS Tariff points are used to compare post-16 qualifications for university entry.

The tables below show how grades for some popular qualifications translate into UCAS Tariff points.

For further details UCAS have a .

GCE and VCE A Levels
GradeUCAS Points
A*  56 points 
A 48 points
B 40 points
C 32 points
D 24 points
E 16 points
T Levels
T Level overall grade UCAS Points A level equivalent 
Distinction  144  AAA
Merit  120  BBB
Pass (C or above on the core)  96   CCC
Pass (D or E on the core)  72  DDD
BTEC Nationals (QCF) Subsidiary Diploma
GradeUCAS Points
D* 56 points
D 48 points
M 32 points
P 16 points
BTEC Nationals (QCF) Diploma
GradeUCAS Points
D*D* 112 points
D*D 104 points
DD 96 points
DM 80 points
MM 64 points
MP 48 points
PP 32 points
BTEC Nationals (QCF) Extended Diploma
D*D*D* 168 points
D*D*D 160 points
D*DD 152 points
DDD 144 points
DDM 128 points
DMM 112 points
MMM 96 points
MMP 80 points
MPP 64 points
PPP 48 points